Free Installation Demos

Please enjoy these free demos provided for your convenience.
*As with all extension methods- use them at your own risk. We are not responsible for your outcome.*

Parting & Placement
Parting & Placement SuggestionsParting & Placement Suggestions
Microlink/Lock Individuals (i-tip)
Micro-Ring ApplicationMicro-Ring Application
Coming Soon...
Shrinktube/Shrinkie Application (i-tip)
Shrinkie ApplicationShrinkie Application
Installation & Removal
Individual Installation with Fusion Clips
Installing Hair with Fusion ClipsInstalling Hair with Fusion Clips
Installation & Removal
Making i-tip Hair from u-tip Hair
Making Stick Hari From Keratin-Tipped HairMaking Stick Hari From Keratin-Tipped Hair
Coming Soon...
Making i-tip Hair from Weft Hair
Pre-tipping Your Own HairPre-tipping Your Own Hair
Make your own clip-in hair
Making Your Own Clip-in Hair PiecesMaking Your Own Clip-in Hair Pieces