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D-Lux & Tease Color Swatch Ring - U-tip

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D-Lux & Tease Color Swatch Ring

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This color ring contains 39 solid and blended colors to aid you in ordering both the Tease and D-LUX line of hair. There are a few colors on this ring that are not yet in stock. We have included them on the ring because we plan on stocking the colors in the near future. As with all color rings, these are to be used as a guide to aid in your ordering and color matching. Although every color should match identically there are very slight differences from time to time as new batches of colors are made. This ring has all of the solid colors on it and most of the blended colors. If one of the blended colors in not on the ring you may simply place the two solid colors side-by-side to see what the colors will look like. For example, to see color #D8A/14B, you would take color #8A and #14B and place them side-by-side to see the blended color. *Please note that some of the D-Lux weft colors will vary and/or are not represented on the D-Lux swatch ring*


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